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Edwards Photo Gallery

Hackney Genealogy & Family Photo Gallery
Honoring Our Veterans

This portion of the Edwards Photo Gallery is dedicated to honoring our Hackney family veterans who served our country. If you have a photo of a family member who served our country, please contact us . Please include who is in the picture and the approximate year. We would also like to anything that you would like to write about your loved one. Please include the branch of service and number of years served. We will be listing our veterans alphabetically.

War Veterans - Hackney side

Amercian flag 1777 Joseph Ford
Served during: Revolutionary War

Joseph Ford b. 1756; d. aft. 1845 - Joseph Ford was commissioned by Governor Martin as a Lieutenant in the NC Militia in July, 1781. He joined his company in Washington County, NC and marched to Camden, SC. Joseph was residing in Washington County at the time of his enlistment, he was discharged on 12 February 1782. Joseph Ford is listed on the DAR marker on the Pike County, KY Courthouse. He d. after 18 September 1845 and was listed in the "Veterans' Grave Registration", as buried in an open field near Fords Branch in Pike County, KY.
Source: Revolutionary War Pension

Amercian flag 1777 John Hackney
Served during: Revolutionary War

John Hackney b. ca. 1760; d. 10 Jan 1843. John Hackney enlisted on 10 March 1778 in the regiment Delaware Blues for the remainder of the Revolutionary War. He served as a fifer under Colo. Hall and Major Joseph Vaughan and Capt. John Rhodes, who was killed at Gate's Defeat. After Capt. Rhodes was killed, he served under Peter Jaquett until the end of the war. John was at Valley Forge in 1778 and was in the "Sick Hospital". He served in the Southern Campgain and was at Gate's Defeat, Cow-pens, Guilford Courthouse, Camden, the Seige of Ninety-Six and the battle of Eutan Springs. All these engagements having taken place in NC or SC. On 5 May 1818, John filed for a pension based on his service in the Revolutionary War. He was allowed a pension on his application made 7 September 1819, at which time he was 59 years old and a resident of Russell County, VA. He was issued a certificate of pension dated 17 June 1820, and was inscribed on the Pension Roll at $8 per month to commence on 5 May 1818, and was paid $224 for his pension amount in arrears. Due to a change in law, John had to appear in Russell County Court on 9 November 1820 to declare the value of his property. His property was valued at $477, which must have exceeded the limitation as his name was removed from the Pension Roll by law of Congress dated 1 May 1820. On 22 April 1847, Jane V. Hackney appeared before the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery in Russell County, VA. She stated she would be age 78 or 79 next August, and that she wished to apply for a widow's pension based on her husband's service during the Revolutionary War. She received a pension of $88 per year. Jane stated in her pension application that John d. 10 January 1843.
Source: Revolutionary War Pension

Johnnie Park Hackney Johnnie "Park" Hackney
Served: WW II
Branch: Army

Johnny Park Hackney served approximately three months and was released. He is the son of Loretta Epling and George M. Hackney.

Amercian flag 1777 Nehemiah Hurley
Served during: Revolutionary War

Nehemiah Hurley b. ca. 1750; d. ca. 1826; m. Hannah b. ca. 1764; d. aft. 1857 quot;Proctor, Owlsey County, KY 3rd January 1857, On the 9th April 1856, Mrs. Hannah Hurley, widow of Nehemiah Hurley made a request for a pension. She states she cannot tell how long her husband served in the revolutionary war, but quite the whole time. At the time of his entering the service he was a resident of the State of Delaware. She could not recollect distinctly her husband's affairs but her best impression was; that his Capt. was either Capt. Williams, or Baker and that Pierson was his Col. I have written several letters to Dover and cannot get no information, that is I can't get no reply to my communications. I therefore enclose to you the power of atto. and a statement of hers in order that you may look into the case. She is now 92 years of age. A matter of course she is quite infirm an cant' tell nothing correctly. She thinks also that her husband Nehemiah was promoted to some office, but she can't say distinctly.quot; (source: Widow's Pension Application)

Amercian flag 1777 Ambrose Mullins, Sr.
Served during: Revolutionary War

Ambrose Mullins Sr. b. ca. 1756; d. ca. 1838 - On 30 January 1835 Russell County, VA court, Ambrose Mullins applied for a pension based on his service in the Revolutionary War. He claimed to have been born in 1751(tax records indicate he was prob. younger) in Franklin County, VA (would have been Halifax County then). He further stated he was living in Franklin County, VA when called into service (would have been Henry County then), and that in 1780, he was drafted for 3 months. At that time, he had a wife and 2 children who could not support themselves, so he paid for a substitute. He was again drafted in the all of 1780, and again paid for a substitute. He was again drafted in May 1781, and served in the Militia for 3 months, 21 days. They marched to Camden, SC and were in the battles of Ninety-Six and Eautaw Springs.
Source: Revolutionary War Pension

Amercian flag 1777 John Mullins
Served during: Revolutionary War

John Mullins b. ca. 1754; d. 1849 - His descendants told of having heard him tell of his experiences in the War, and sometimes referred to him as "Revolutionary John". Family traditions has it that his home was on the route to Col. William Campbell and his Redcoats", and that John Mullins joined the little force of patriots and went on to the glorious victory at King's Mountain in October, 1780. His name is on the Dickenson County, VA Courthouse as the only Revolutionary War veteran buried in Dickenson County

Civil War Flags John W. Mullins
Served during: Civil War

John W. Mullins b. ca. 1833; d. 2 March 1903; m. Mariah Reed b. ca. 1831; d. 31 March 1892 - Civil War Per Enoch Mullins in quot;Pioneer Recollections" "My parents settled here where they lived the rest of their lives in Grandpa's old log house, right near this house. He was a farmer and owned much of the good bottom land on Grassy Creek. He did not serve in the army during the Civil War - he scouted." Civil War records indicate that John W. Mullins did serve during the Civil War. Roster of Diamond's 10th KY Cavalry, CSA - John W. Mullins enlisted in Co. H,10 March 1863 Roster, 7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry, VA: Mullins, John W. Co. __Previously served in Co. A, 5th VSL. Participated in Menifee's Raid on Piketon, KY in 8/62. Service confirmed by depostions filed in Dils vs. May lawsuit file in Pike Co., KY Circuit Court in 1866. Age 24, 1860 Pike County, KY Census. (No John W. age 24 is in the 1860 Pike County, KY Census; however John W. Mullins, 24 is listed in the 1860 Wise County, VA Census with wife, Maria 27 & son, George W. 3)

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